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Things happen. This is something of a cliche, but is true none the less. It is possible for a damage to occur during the course of a move or during storage. There are options available on your Bill of Lading that will enable you to have protection for your furniture.


  1. Basic Liability Basic Liability protection IS NOT INSURANCE. It provides a minimal valuation at your property at no additional cost. What does this mean? It means that maximum liability for loss or damage is sixty cents per pound per article. If, for example, a 150 pound bureau is scratched, we would be liable for up to $90.00 to repair the piece. Keep in mind: This is not insurance. Our maximum liability is is limited to 60 cents per pound per article.
  2. Replacement Value A replacement value can also be declared for your property. The value can be declared with $250, $500, and $1000 deductibles. It is important that any value you declare be equivalent to the value of the property being transported. This is also NOT AN INSURANCE.


  1. Basic Liability As with transportation valuation, this limits our liability to 60 cents per pound per article. Our maximum liability for a storage lot is $2000.00. Once again, this is not an insurance.
  2. Certificate of Insurance This is insurance. What does this mean to you? In general terms you have purchased general coverage that is very similar to your homeowners' policy. You have purchased replacement value protection for your property. AND, this protection includes coverage for damaged caused by Hurricane or Tornado. The basic liability specifically excludes these particular acts of God.
  3. Selective Coverage Assume that, you are content with the basic coverage at 60 cents per pound per article. However, you do have that one painting that is worth $50,000.00. This is not a problem. You may purchase a certificate of insurance on this specific piece.
GENERAL COMMENT We will not accept any liability for loss or damage during transportation or storage for the following: cash, jewelry, undeclare high value objects of art, collectibles (baseball cards are good example) or any other objects of extraordinary value. Please read the terms and conditions of the Combined Uniform Household Goods, Bill of Lading and Freight Bill, and the Warehouse Receipt and Storage Contract. These documents govern the terms and conditions of our business and specify the limits of our liability for loss and damage.

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