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Our pack crews have the training and experience to pack your entire household from fine china and artwork to children’s toys and garage tools.

Some of our clients decide upon a partial pack requiring us to pack only art or fragile items. Some clients do all the packing themselves.

Clients who decide to do some or all of the packing can purchase materials from us at a reasonable price. We throw in good advice about packing for free! It is in our best interest also to insure that everything is well packed.

How to prepare for a professional pack team

  1. Organize, Organize, Organize

  2. Create a “do not pack” zone. Place items here that you do not want packed, items you will need with you such as medicines, health and school records, your traveling items.

  3. If some things are ultimately being disposed of, mark clearly as “Do Not Pack.”

  4. Have your dishwasher empty so glassware and china can be packed by sets rather than piecemeal.

  5. Eliminate. If you do not use something, do not pay us to pack it or move it. Give items to charity or to friends.

  6. Create a back-up file from your computer and keep it with you

  7. We will provide you with “High Value” tags. Place them on the items that you are concerned about. Remember also, a high value item is not necessary a $1000 piece of Wedgewood, it can also be a two dollar trinket given to you by someone dear. We understand that value is not always about dollars.

  8. Our packers will label the box with the contents and the room of origin. Put “stick-up” labels on the doors of rooms so our men will know it is Sue’s room or Anne’s room.

  9. Communicate. Show the packers around you home, let them know your expectations. If you have to run an errand, be sure to give the crew chief your cell number in case a question arises.

  10. At the end of the day, take a second tour and insure that everything was packed. After all, no one knows your home better than you do.

How To Pack Yourself

1. Organize, Organize, Organize

    a) Set aside an area and place items here that you do not want packed, items you will need with you such as medicines, health and school records, your traveling items.

    b) Pull “sets” together. For convenience when unpacking it is best to have your china set packed together rather than packed piecemeal.

    c) If possible, have an area in each room where you can stack the packed boxes out of the way.

    d) Have all the right tools! Plenty of boxes, wrapping paper, box knife, marking pens, and tape. Use a good plastic tape, not masking tape or duct tape.

2. Eliminate. If you don’t use something donate it to charity or give it to a friend. Don’t waste your time and money to pack and move “excess baggage.” Remember, you’ll just have to unpack it and find a place to store it in your new home.

3. Use common sense.

a) Wrap knife blades. They can puncture cardboard and cut someone.

b) Pack heavy items in the bottom of a box and the lighter toward the top.

c) Pack like items together. Lamp shades do not travel well with cast iron skillets.

d) If you are not confident about how best to pack an item, call us for advice

4. Label all boxes by contents and room.

5. Do not hesitate to use the word FRAGILE.

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