ICC# 190287
USDOT# 562772



  1. Computers, electronics

    1. create back-ups of all files and keep them with you

    2. Disconnect all wires and cables. Identify them for ease in reinstallation. This is good practice for all electrical items.

    3. Remove ink or toner from copiers.

    4. If packing yourself, create a parts box for remotes, accessories, cables, and mark it clearly.

  1. Valuables, personal items

    1. Do not store jewelry, coins, or valuable collectables (baseball cards etc).

    2. If you store valuables with a friend or family member, be sure to keep a list of “what is where.” During the confusion of a move, it is easy to forget what you did with something.

    3. Do not store medicine, insurance records, tax records, birth certificates. You may need them in a hurry.

  1. Wine

Should you store wine in our climate controlled facility, specially designed cartons specifically for wine storage are available at a reasonable cost.

  1. General hints

    1. Pack or have packed keys to clocks and cabinets, finials for furniture, and other small easily lost items in a well marked box, or wrap them in paper and store in a drawer. Write down where you put them.

    2. Keep a journal. Record important things you will need to remember, such as where the finials are, who has Grandma’s rings.

    3. Be organized. If you are packing yourself, write the contents of the box in indelible marker on the outside.

  1. Yard and Garden

    1. All powered yard tools, lawnmowers, chain saws, must be drained of fuel and oil. Run them until dry, and then drain the oil. A leak of either substance can cause great damage.

    2. Give spare oil, antifreeze, fertilizer, lawn and garden chemicals, insecticides to a neighbor.

    3. Bundle hand tools, being careful to wrap and tape cardboard over cutting edges, or sharp points. We can’t have anyone getting injured.



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